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Affirmative action focuses on specific groups of historical discrimination and emphasizes legal necessity and social responsibility. Organizations face enormous responsibilities for helping women, While some improvements in those strategies have occurred, further improvements are needed. To achieve this ends communities must begin to insist that their police department's leadership seriously seek to discover and eliminate cultural biases, prejudices, and other barriers that impede the ability of the police to effectively deal with cultural differences in the community. As America becomes more culturally diverse and citizens' skin colors begin to meld, the importance of recognizing sameness, rather than difference, becomes imperative. Alexa Kasdan 2006 believes community groups need to work with police departments to analyze gaps in current recruitment efforts in order to develop new approaches to increase race and gender diversity among law enforcement personnel in their jurisdictions. The focus of recruitment efforts should aim toward building police forces whose members reflect the diversity of the wider society, even in overwhelmingly homogenous communities. Kasdan recommends beginning the process by gathering data to find Cox models have be used by many organizations to deal with conflict resolution issues, including those with diverse populations. In Cox analysis, the change model for work on company diversity has provided an effective approach to establishing and maintaining diversity in workplaces. hen we review this issue, leadership is the key aspect here because this situation raises core questions about the company leadership's philosophy, vision, strategy and integration. Leadership in such situations has been found to be critical in guiding organizations during times of social change, especially with regard to dealing with diverse populations in work places. In such situations, sensitivity training has been successful if combined with a cost benefits analysis.

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A: Training does not need to be boring, training does not need to be just a lecture, training does not need to be just reading a policy and it shouldnt be!But, yes training is very important. The truth is that the importance of training cannot be understated. Doing initial orientation training and annual refresher training with your volunteers and staff may be an insurance requirement but it is also a critical step in protecting the vulnerable sector. Training also helps you make sure everyone in your organization is on the same page; it helps you communicate your policies and procedures; develop peoples potential; encourages people to think about safety; demonstrates your commitment to protection; reinforce best practices; and communicates your expectations and your care for your volunteers and staff. If you need help making your training creative we recommend checking out our Train the Trainer course. Participants receive PowerPoints, Teaching Notes, Student Notes and Creative Methods like Jeopardy, Family Feud, videos, case studies and more for Orientation and Refresher training. Training should include awareness what is abuse and how prevalent is it, protection what are the different types of abuse, what are the indicators of abuse, how do you report abuse and protect the vulnerable sector and prevention what policies and procedures does your organization have to prevent abuse to the vulnerable sector. We truly believe and insurance companies require that training should be taught by qualified and knowledgeable instructors, which is why we have developed a Train the Trainer Certification course. We are passionate about the fact that training can be creative, engaging, and interesting for volunteers and staff. The best training is also customized for your organization and your policies. Need some help with training?We can help!Check out our Train the Trainer Certification course; on line Orientation and Refresher training courses; and Orientation and Refresher Webinar training.

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3 billion citizens are not very useful. I made a lot more money in China, but have always preferred to live in Thailand, but as I am not an ESL teacher I am not sure how much my experiences would apply to most Ajarn readers. Comparing Thailand to China might make for an interesting read and provoke a string of comments, but is not very useful. Some jobs in China might be better for some individuals than some jobs in Thailand, and the opposite is also true. Ok, go ahead and get back to disagreements over wild and inaccurate generalizationsSounds like the author is still in the honeymoon phase of being in Thailand. Stay a while and see if you are still the same. Chances are, you'll get sick of the exploitation, low salaries, fake respect, corruption and rudeness all the way around, same as China. But the main difference in Thailand is that you can be replace by 50 other applicants tomorrow, so if you don't like it, their attitude is 'too bad, then leave. ' In China, they are hurting for teachers so you're aren't so easy to replace. In reply to Andy UK; I did meet a couple of rather odd characters whilst in Hong Kong last year. Once was redneck from some mid western ville and the other a Hungarian.

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